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Upcoming Audition:


written and directed by Mary-Jean Milburn

SEASON: 28 Sept - 6 Oct

AUDITIONS: 2:00pm on Sunday 15 July at TheatreWorks. Will be script in hand readings.

REHEARSALS: Tuesday, Thursday evenings, Sunday afternoons.

The Play: Home Fires recounts the stories of various women left at home in New Zealand during World War Two. Struggling with questions of loyalty, independence and desire, these characters reflect the tensions present within both a nation at war and a society moving towards greater equality.

This is a play with a variety of strong female roles. Ages given below are guidelines, not set in stone - for example, Pearl could be played by a younger or older woman depending on the casting of her daughter and her appearance.

  • Annie: : (25-35yrs old) Has lost her husband to the war. Tries to come to grips with this during the play.
  • Lotta: (20-35yrs old) A Finnish immigrant who is married to a Kiwi. She is pretending to be Swedish (as the Swedish were neutral during WWII).
  • Christabel: (20-30yrs old) Family owns a local farm. She takes control of it because her father is ill. Has feelings for Geraldine, but is frightened of how she might be judged in her society.
  • Constance: (20-30yrs old) A die-hard supporter of the war effort. Overly enthusiastic - this tends to make her a bit thoughtless.
  • Eleanor: (35-45yrs old) Husband is away at war. Has a teenage daughter who is growing up too fast and is frightened her husband will not be around to see it.
  • Elizabeth: Eleanor's daughter. Is 13 at the beginning of the play and 17 by the end of it.Is growing up into a young woman.
  • Geraldine: (20-30yrs old)a land girl brought in to work on Christabel's farm.
  • Irene: (25-40yrs old) Teacher and conscientious objector (doesn't agree with the war). Ends up fighting for her job and going to drastic lengths to keep it.
  • Louise: (25 - 35 yrs old) Confident and sensual. Is having an affair while her husband is away at war.
  • Marie: (25 - 35 yrs old) Gets work in a garage while her husband is away at war. Clashes with her mother-in-law over it.
  • Pearl: (55-65yrs old) Marie´s mother-in-law. A very smart woman whose yearnings for a life beyond the home were suppressed by the times she grew up in. This manifests itself as resentment against Marie and her new job.
  • Radio Announcer: Serves as narrator and sometimes gives voice to absent characters (the husbands).

AUDITION: Auditions will be held at 2:00pm, Sunday 16 July, and will be script-in-hand readings. Contact for more information or for an audition piece.

Note to auditionees: Mairangi Players is a community theatre group. All performers are requested to become paid members of Mairangi Players, and you may be asked to provide a plate for Gala night.

Anyone attending our drama classes is automatically a member of the club.

Check out our membership page for more details.