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Upcoming Audition:

SATURDAY, 06 APRIL at 10:00am:


by Enid Blyton, adapted by David Wood, directed by David Blakey

SEASON: 5 to 13 April 2019

AUDITIONS: 10:00 am on Saturday 06 April at TheatreWorks.

ABOUT THE PLAY: David Wood's play will be a hit with all, whether they know Noddy or not. Noddy and his friends are pitted against the sneering goblins and a greedy witch, in this funny and inventive adaptation. As in the original works, Noddy learns the value of friendship, hard work and honesty, through a series of adventures: building his house in Toytown, driving a car, outwitting his enemies, even surviving a hair-raising experience at Noah’s Ark! Noddy is a mix of adventure, morality tale and pantomime.

RÔLES: As is traditional for our all-ages productions at TheatreWorks, there are meaty roles for all ages. Genders and ages below are guidelines and are flexible.

Big-Ears (senior male)
Noddy (senior male)
Sly (any age)
Gobbo (any age)
Tessie Bear (senior female)
Mr Plod (senior male)
Old Man Carver / Station Master / Mr Sparks / Mr Noah (any age male)
Wily Witch (probably junior probably female)
Bumpy Dog (junior male/female)
Skittle / Monkey (junior male/female)
Skittle / Duck (junior male/female)
Skittle / Kangaroo (junior male/female)
Skittle / Lion (junior male/female)

2 leads + 6 principals + 5 supporting.

AUDITIONS will be held at 10am, Saturday 06 April, and will be script-in-hand readings.

Contact for more information.

Note to auditionees: Mairangi Players is a community theatre group. All performers are requested to become paid members of Mairangi Players, and you may be asked to provide a plate for Gala night.

Anyone attending our drama classes is automatically a member of the club.

Check out our membership page for more details.