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Waiting for Godot OR The Maids

Sunday, 11 July at 11am at the Theatre
Season: Friday 8th - Saturday 16th October 2021
Director: MJ Milburn

Two auditions. One production!

We had planned to produce Waiting for Godot but as you may know, Samuel Beckett's Estate can be inflexible when it comes to cross-gendered casting; and an ongoing issue within community theatre as a whole is the lack of men who turn up to auditions.

Therefore, we will be holding auditions for Waiting for Godot OR Jean Genet's The Maids.

Auditionees can choose to audition for one or both of these plays. Script extracts will be available for both titles on the day. If you would like more information about audition scenes, please email .

After the audition we will move forward with the play which has the strongest cast.

About the plays:

WAITING FOR GODOT by Samuel Beckett
CAST: 5m

Two tramps, Vladimir and Estragon, are waiting for someone. To pass the time they indulge in cross talk, they argue, they play bizarre games. Lucky, more animal than human, enters, driven by Pozzo, a wealthy, blubbering creature. Another visitor is a small boy who says he works for Mr Godot and tells the tramps his master will come tomorrow. The following day Pozzo and Lucky visit again, as does the small boy with another message: Mr Godot will certainly be coming tomorrow. The tramps wait on.

THE MAIDS by Jean Genet
CAST: 3f (Some flexibility regarding gender)

Two sisters, maids to a wealthy society woman, act out fantasies of class, love and revenge while the lady of the house is out on a romantic rendezvous. As their games intensify, the incipient violence escalates as they await Madame's return...

Note to auditionees: Mairangi Players is a community theatre group. All performers are requested to become paid members of Mairangi Players, and you may be asked to provide a plate for Gala night.

Anyone attending our drama classes is automatically a member of the club.

Check out our membership page for more details.