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Upcoming Audition:

SUNDAY, 20 January at 2 pm:


by Nick Hall, directed by Raewyn Nevin

SEASON: 5 to 13 April 2019

AUDITIONS: 2:00 pm on Sunday 20 January at TheatreWorks.

ABOUT THE PLAY: An amusing study of marital and human relations – accomodation being both a place to live and the adjustments we make to fit our situation.

Lee Schallert, housewife, feeling she may be missing out on something, leaves her husband, Bob, and her suburban home and moves into a two room Greenwich Village apartment with two roommates. One roommate, Pat, is an aspiring actress, never out of character or costumes; but through an agency mix up, the other roommate is a serious, young, graduate student male. The ensuing complications when Bob, Lee's husband, arrives makes for an hysterical evening.

RÔLES: There are two remaining rôles to be filled:

Lee: a dissatisfied housewife in her 30s

Bob: Lee's husband in his 30s

AUDITIONS will be held at 2pm, Sunday 20 January, and will be script-in-hand readings.

Contact for more information.

Note to auditionees: Mairangi Players is a community theatre group. All performers are requested to become paid members of Mairangi Players, and you may be asked to provide a plate for Gala night.

Anyone attending our drama classes is automatically a member of the club.

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