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2018 Season

16-24 March: Perfect Wedding

A comedy by Robin Hawdon, directed by Bob Lack

A bridegroom wakes on his wedding morning with his intended's arrival imminent. He finds an extremely attractive unknown woman naked in bed beside him. In his hangover, he can't remember her. During the ensuing panic, the bride arrives; the woman is trapped in the bathroom; the best man pretends she is his girl friend, meaning his real girl friend has to be kept in the dark. Then the bride's parents arrive ...

Early bird pricing available until 28 February

AUDITIONS: 2:30pm, Sun 17 Dec, 2017

6-14 July: The Owl and the Pussycat Went to See ...

by Sheila Ruskin & David Wood, directed by Ross Anderson

Based on the adventures of Edward Lear's Owl and Pussycat who went to sea, these two set sail to the land where the bong tree grows to find a ring and someone to marry them. They meet sad Dong with the luminous nose, who takes them to meet the Quangle Wangle, and embark on a journey, accompanied by the Runcible Spoon to protect them from the villainous hungry Plum Pudding Flea. Will they overcome their many hurdles?

AUDITIONS: 2:00pm, Sunday 29 April

28 Sept-6 Oct: Home Fires

Written and Directed by Mary-Jean Milburn

"I won't prescribe the size of your world if you won't limit mine."

Home Fires recounts the stories of various women left at home in New Zealand during World War Two. Struggling with questions of loyalty, independence and desire, these characters reflect the tensions present within both a nation at war and a society moving towards greater equality.

Early bird pricing available until 14 September

AUDITIONS: 2:00pm, Sunday 16 July

7-15 December: Sir Percival and the Quest for the Holy Grail

Written and Directed by Claire Ahuriri-Dunning

Young Percival wants nothing more than to join the Knights of the Round Table, even if he didn't know what knights were before yesterday! He's now on a quest to prove himself by finding the Holy Grail, accompanied by his long-suffering mother. Instead, he will find inner wisdom - and perhaps save the world as well!

AUDITIONS: 2:00pm, Sunday 16 September

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SHINING IN THE SPOTLIGHT NOT REALLY YOUR THING? - we would still love to hear from you! We are always looking for volunteers to help behind the scenes of our productions. Specifically, we are looking for a props manager and prompt for this show. Never worked back stage before? Try something new! We will mentor and support you, and you will have great fun and meet new people.